June 2004
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Sighting Details

Posted By: : Bryan

Sighting Timeframe: Fall 1988

County: Roanoke County

Location: Mt. Pleasant, Brook Hill section of Roanoke County.

Activities: Camping in the mountains turkey hunting.

Witnesses: Myself and my friend "Doug" Not his real name, we made a pact to never speak of this again, I lost contact with him a couple years after this happened. I would like to point out that we were both sure this was not a bear and I have heard bobcats in this area and that is not what we heard.

Setting: It was our third night in the woods and we had just got in the tent to retire for the night. We heard a loud call that sounded like a girl screaming that faded into almost an owl sound. About 5 min. later we heard it again and it was getting closer to us, it was a sound we have never heard before so we decided to get out of the tent. We stood around the campfire and we heard it again but this time it was real close and we were getting a little scared so we picked up our shotguns and waited. We could hear it walking along the ridge above us, it stopped for a second or two and then we could hear it running down into the valley at us, we both raised our guns and when it came into site we both emptied our guns at it, it let out a scream and ran very fast back up the mountain. We were very scared and decided to get off the mountain. We went back the next morning to get all our gear and the tent had been knocked down and all our food and clothes were scattered everywhere but none of the food had been taken. We went to look for any blood left behind but could not find any. We fired a total of six rounds of buckshot, I really don`t know how we missed, it was only about 20 yards from us.

Physical Description: It was night and a clear sky and the fire lit the hollow a little but I can`t give a lot of detail. Approx. 7 foot tall and very wide sholders, much, much bigger than a man. It also was running on two legs the whole time we could see it.

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